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The Sierra Valley has a rich history of cattle ranching and dairy farming. The 20-acre ranch located on Marble Hot Springs Road in the Sierra Valley came under the jurisdiction of the King of Spain by virtue of the Law of the Indies upon the Spanish occupation of California in 1769.  Ownership passed to the Republic of Mexico on April 9, 1822. In 1848 California became a United States Territory and was admitted to the Union in 1850. The property was first held by John Wilson in 1876 then purchased by Peter Scolari in 1887. 


In 2004 we purchased the property. Having raised our children in Truckee, California we were looking for a quieter environment. Five years ago our daughter was married in our barn. In attendance were 350 of their closest friends who overwhelmingly encouraged us to share the venue with others. Dick's niece thought we were crazy and had a sign made at Knotts Berry Farm, The Lost Marbles Ranch and so, the story began!

The view in the #Sierravalley is one of my all time favorites. Check out this gorgeous venue now offering picture perfect weddings.


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